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Most people want to keep up with the trending movies and still look fashionable in their dressing. Even if you are not a movie fanatic, there is that one movie that will bring out the best in you. There must be a movie that you would want to watch over and over again, and you don’t mind it at all. Think of how cool you would look when you are wearing a t-shirt with your favorite movie printed on it. The actors that you love so much the ones who give you chills printed on your t-shirt. It would look so good, and you would rock in the t-shirt. Here are some of the best movies for 2016 that are trending and who knows, maybe you would want a t-shirt with one of the movies printed on it: 

1. Suicide Squad
The badass squad is in town and this time round they are not here to play or make fun, they are here to kill. It feels good to be bad according to the suicide squad members. These are the world’s most dangerous Super Villains. They have no remorse and this time round they have the most powerful government arsenal for themselves. They are expendable, and they are sent to defeat a common enemy.

2. Jason Bourne
Nobody thought he would be back. They thought they had completely wiped off his memory but his memory is coming back, and he is becoming more dangerous as time passes by. He is a very dangerous assassin. They were hunting him down, but now he has come to them. The CIA agent has less time to try and dig up the truth about his past while at the same time escaping and avoiding capture by the government.

3. Avengers Age of Ultron
Tony tries to get a peacekeeping program back to the task, but it does not work. The enemy whom they face this time round is non-other than Ultron, the villain. They have to be very cautious of how they fight him because his terrible plans and this leads to the Avengers getting some uneasy alliances. In their fight, they come across two powerful and mysterious newcomers, and they also meet an old friend. 

4. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
The world wrestle into making a decision as to what kind of a hero that they want while the two most powerful superheroes of all time fight. Batman fears that the powers of Superman are too much to go unchecked, and he takes on him in a fight. This is when the world faces a new threat one of the greatest dangers of all time.

5. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road chip
This is one movie that you and your kids don’t want to miss. Alvin and the Chipmunks make a mistake and misunderstand Dave. They think he is going to go to a tour and get married to this girl who has a son. The boy is a bully somehow, but they all plan on how they will steal the engagement ring from the guy. After they successfully do it, they are shocked when they hear it was not Dave’s.



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